THink you don't have a bucket list? – Think again!

a kind of travel blog, I guess

Every week I get to tell you about the best, coolest, most breathtakingly pretty and generally most magnificent places to go. I enjoy making your decision where to go next extra hard. But I'm also here to help, so whenever you feel unquenchable Wanderlust or just need to get away for a few days, feel free to browse below for a suitable destination. And then go and visit to book your next adventure.


May I suggest you follow me on Instagram? "But why?" I hear you ask. Well, why indeed! There are no make up tutorials, no celebrities and hardly any unboxings...

  • There is quite a lot of "Look what I had for lunch".
  • I don't have the posting-like-Tom-Hanks bit down anywhere near as well as Tom Hanks.
  • But who knows, you may still have occasion to smile every now and then. And isn't that reason enough?

The Cronkite Chronicles

When I'm not working on tourism campaigns my alter ego Marja Mitten takes over. She dabbles in speculative fiction writing.

  • Enter the Quate Universe at your own risk in “The Cronkite Chronicles”
  • Go boldly where only twelve men have gone before in “Luna Lagniappe”
  • Because good things come in threes “Think Apples, Not Zebras”
  • Also from the Quate Universe: “A Switch In Time”